Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Night at the Veterinarian's

I bet you all have been wondering what I've been upto for the last couple of weeks. Well, my humans took me to the doctor awhile ago, which is usually okay unless they poke me with needles and stuff. I was wary of course, but this time they left me there! I don't know all the details but I stayed there, had a weird nap and woke up feeling strange and discomfort (that's what they call it, like I was just too cold or was sleeping on concrete) by my boy parts. Oh am I going to get my humans for this. Never again am I going to go to the doctor so easily, just you wait and see.

So apparently they found my boy parts in my abdomen and took them out because really what good do they do me there anyway. The next day when my humans finally came back for me I had to wear the cone of shame. A couple of days later I got a inflatable ProCollar which was much better for some stuff. I still used the regular collar at night so my humans could be sure I didn't mess with my stitches. For 2 weeks I didn't hardly get to do anything, I didn't feel like eating much with that bubble on my head and by the time it came off for good I was ready to go rip roaring around.

Everything went fine, I back to going to the dog park and running around. My belly is shaved and a bit chilly but it's all good with out the cone. Still have allergies or something, but even that's getting better with new medicine and stuff. I'll keep you posted.

Bye for now,