Thursday, December 6, 2012

Husky Tricks

My humans laughed and laughed at this photo. I don't get it! I do those tricks all the time, what are they laughing at? I mean I know that when they say "sit" my butt is supposed to go to the floor, but sometimes I just don't feel like it. I can be persuaded with treats occasionally though. The "fetch" one I don't quite do like that. I find the ball and stay right there so my humans can find it. Pretty nice if you ask me.

Since I am a young Siberian Husky I NEED activity either for my brain or for my muscles and my humans are pretty good about making sure I get exercise and brain games. Recently I learned the name of my toy duck (duck) and my ball (ball). It was really quite an interesting lesson. My human says "duck" and when I touch the duck with my nose, you guessed, I get treats. Works the same way with the ball. The trick is that it only works when they say the name of the toy. Not sure why, but trust me, I've tried getting treats for touching a different toy or when were not have lessons. Some is better than none though.

All this "training" stuff is all well and good, because I get treats, BUT there sure better be something in it for me to do it. There are just too many smells to smell, toys to play with and places to run with the wind or walk with nose firmly planted to the ground, for me to waste it on "shake" or "rollover". The next thing you know, they'll put me in a three piece suit and have me run for president. I'm a working dog for goodness sake. I'll keep you posted.

Bye for now,