Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Buring and Digging

My name is Loki. I am a single, brown & white Siberian Husky, with copper eyes. I am 9 months, 25 days old and am 57 pounds of pure energy. I like long walks in the woods, playing tug with almost anything and learning new stuff all the time. Am I a great catch or what?

So I got this new bone and it really cool. My humans don't let me chew on it all the time, but it's good anyway. I don't like it when they take the bone away though. One time I snarled at them and boy did I get in trouble. I don't do that anymore. What I find works sometimes though, is to bury my toys and bones either in the bed or in the couch. First you have to make sure the humans aren't looking so they don't see your hiding spot. Then I can get them anytime I feel like. The bed hiding spot doesn't work as well because if I don't get back to it that day, they find it. The couch, however, it perfect. They hardly ever look there. Don't tell anybody.

As you all might know, I'm going through adolescence. It can be a trying time for all of us. I really think I can make more decisions, my humans think NOT. Frustration then ensues. My way of expressing my frustration is to dig at the floor. Here's how it works... I get frustrated when my humans don't pay attention to me when I ask for attention (maybe I'm a bit demanding). Then when they don't do what I want, I dig at the carpet. They try to stop me and I can tell they're starting to get frustrated too. Next, I try to crawl under something like a chair or a desk so they can't stop me from digging at the carpet. Guess what happens next? Right they're really frustrated at this point and get me out from under the chair or desk and they are talking really loud. Sometimes I get puppy time outs, sometimes I have to go in the other room. But at least I got their attention.

Lately, my humans haven't been responding the same way to my digging. One time they completely ignored me, so I had to step it up. I got sent from the room AND puppy time out. Not a good idea. I heard them talking about getting a kennel. I don't really know what that is, but I suspect that I won't like it. On the other hand maybe this sharing the frustration thing isn't so great either. I'll keep you  posted.

Bye for now,