Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Alergies or Something Else?

I was running so fast my nose got
cut out of the picture  :D
About 4 months ago as you might remember I went to the puppy doctor with an ear infection. That was NOT fun before, during or after. My ear hurt before, the doctor poked into my sore ear and then my humans put gunk in my ear! I have to admit that it did get rid of my earache though.

The doctor said that it was a yeast infection in my ear and that it was probably caused by allergies. Sure enough, after that I got rashes on my ears, nose and mouth. We've tried allergy medicine and anti itch/infection medicine and the latest combination seems to be working to get rid of it, slowly.

My humans are trying to figure out what it is that I might be allergic to and we're waiting until pollen can be eliminated by a good freeze and snowfall. I don't know what this "snow" stuff is, but if it makes my it itchies, stop I'll be happy.

My human, Lance really hopes that my allergies aren't to the fish tanks he set up this summer. Me, I don't really mind the fish, because they don't try to eat my food or play with my toys or sleep in my favorite spots. But if they have to go, it's okay too, because they're pretty boring.

If this snow stuff doesn't make me feel better, my humans might try a food elimination diet to see if I'm allergic to some sort of food. That means for 8 weeks I only get prescription food and treats. At the puppy doctor's office I get that prescription food as treats there all the time and they're pretty good, BUT my humans give me some pretty awesome treats. I will miss them alot if we have to do that food elimination diet thing though. I'll keep you posted.

Bye for now,