Monday, November 5, 2012

Puzzle Toys for Dogs

Sometimes my humans are AWESOME! There is a pet store near us called End of the Leash and although I didn't get to go in this time, I got some cool stuff. Most important thing I got was the Kyjen Treat Wheel Puzzle Dog Toy (affiliate link) that is totally fun. It took me exactly 5 seconds to figure out that when the yellow things come off there's TREATS (they're fun to play with too). After playing with this for a few days I figured out that when you take out all the yellow things and of course eat the treats, you can move the holes to find, you guessed it, more TREATS!

Sometimes this is exactly what I need to stimulate my brain and it's good work for a working dog like me. My needs in order of importance to me, water, food, potty, exercise & play, companionship, and work - either with my brain or with my amazing athletic ability. I know what you're thinking, what kind of work can a "puppy" do? Well I'll tell you what I like to do...

  • I am excellent at helping my humans make the bed. I don't know why they lock me out of the bedroom while they do it, I show them exactly where the blankets and sheets are supposed to go and help pull them around.
  • I pick up sticks like I was born for it. It doesn't matter how big or how small, I'm all over picking up sticks.
  • I am also an expert at finding stuff on the ground that probably shouldn't be there like garbage, food, toys and bugs. Just between you and me, sometimes I don't tell my humans when I find food on the ground. Shhhhhh!
  • As often as I can talk my humans into it, I take them for a walk and some exercise. It keeps them healthy.
  • I am also very observant. I let my humans know when there is something out of place all the time. In fact just the other day, my human Lance forgot his orange coats outside and I barked at them for quite awhile to make sure he didn't forget them.
  • And my most favorite type of work is pushing balls and toys at my humans to get them off their butts. It's not good to spend too much time sitting around, right? Lots of times we do that at the puppy park too and I point out where the ball went so they can run and find it easier. They often roll their eyes at me, like they could find it without my help. Of course maybe they want me to do something else, because they keep yelling "bring it". 
I'll keep you posted.

Bye for now,