Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Play Hard

We fight, we break up...
We kiss, we make up.

Loki - This picture really looks worse than it was. We huskies play hard and we were playing here. I know it looks like I'm gonna hurt him, but I'm just holding him down. The little upstart was beginning to think that he could push me around.

Thor - Ha! I'm no "little" upstart! I got bigger than you and now I'm almost as fast as you. Still at the dog park, can't catch him when he's in full run, but I'm working on it. So at a little over 1 year old, I weigh in at 61 lbs versus Loki at 53 lbs, so I'll be able to take him.

Loki - I've got more experience than you do Thor. I'm more than a year older than you and I'm quicker than you and I definitely have more energy than you. My reflexes are so fast, our humans have a hard time playing the circle toy game with me, cuz I get the ball so fast.

Thor - Ha, again! Daddy and mommy say you cheat. You're supposed to chase the ball at the end of the rope at the end of the pole. You just watch the rope and grab that cuz it's closer. I follow the ball faithfully around and around. Boy that game is fun, even if I don't get the ball every time.

Loki - I do not cheat. I'm as clever, as the god of mischief. And for a god of thunder, you aren't very loud. I can talk louder than you any day!

Thor - Ha! Okay, you are noisier than I am, but I'm gonna zap you with my lightning bolt on my forehead and daddy, where is my hammer?

Humans - Boys, boys, boys. We love you both and are very happy with your unique personalities, but can't we just all get along?

Loki & Thor - Depends. Treats?

We'll keep you posted,
Loki & Thor