Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yoga For Your Dog

Yoga "S" position
Loki - Our humans don't understand us. Sometimes when sleeping we just have to do yoga stretches to get all the kinks out. You just never know when we might need to turn in just this position when playing, so we practice.

This is what I call the "S" position and it's one of my favorite yoga sleeping positions. Especially on the floor. Sure I get blankets and furniture to sleep on, but the floor is cooler and as you can see this position works on stretching my whole spine.
Yoga "C" position
Thor - I personally like what I call the "C" position which is especially useful in the hot weather to keep my belly cool. In this yoga sleeping position I can better take advantage of sleeping on softer furniture with out getting over heated.

Our humans just shake their heads at us and get out the camera, but I bet they never really tried it. We'll try to get them to document more of our yoga positions for you to try too.

We'll keep you posted,
Loki & Thor