Thursday, April 3, 2014

When I Was a Puppy

Thor here. I'm going to start today, cuz I like to be first. Last week a friend of our humans got a new puppy, and boy do I remember being a puppy, (shut up Loki, I'm not still a puppy!).

Mady, the new girl, was having trouble sleeping in her new home. And I know just how she feels. Before she went home with the new humans, she was surrounded by other pups her size and when we all slept, it was one big pile where we could keep warm, hear each others heart beats and smell the familiar. Now don't get me wrong, my new humans were great from the moment they put in their truck and we went to our new home, but it was new and different.

Luckily, I had Loki, (don't let it go to your head brother, I still think I should have all the toys) and he smelled like a dog, slept near me like my other siblings and I was really plenty comfy. My advice to Mady's new humans is to just get over it and let her sleep in the bed with them. My humans are yelling NOOOO right now, but just ignore them. I know there's all sorts of reasons not to let us sleep with you humans like the possibility of fleas and ticks, that we'll respect you less, or that'll you squish us. But, were cute and cuddly.

What do you think Loki?

Loki here and what do I think? I think that you will NOT have all the toys, that's what I think. As for Mady, well I had a different experience when I came home with our humans. I slept in my comfy pen which was actually just the same as the one I had as a tiny pup. Mostly I think my humans move around too much to get a good night sleep, so using my pen was just fine.

Sometimes though, I had trouble sleeping, and I whined (not as much as you did Thor!) My humans would get me out, take me potty and if I still had trouble sleeping they would hold me and rock for a bit in the rocking chair. Even though I woke right back up when they put me back in my pen, I was able to get right back to sleep easier. I guess I just needed a little comfort.

Probably sleeping in bed with our humans isn't a good idea though, because we have given them ticks, we do sometimes not come when called and well, squishing isn't much of a problem any more, but they move around too much so I'll take under the bed or in my kennel for most of the night. It's hard work being a dog, and I want to be rested for all the fun the next day.

We'll keep you posted,
Loki & Thor