Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Play Hard

We fight, we break up...
We kiss, we make up.

Loki - This picture really looks worse than it was. We huskies play hard and we were playing here. I know it looks like I'm gonna hurt him, but I'm just holding him down. The little upstart was beginning to think that he could push me around.

Thor - Ha! I'm no "little" upstart! I got bigger than you and now I'm almost as fast as you. Still at the dog park, can't catch him when he's in full run, but I'm working on it. So at a little over 1 year old, I weigh in at 61 lbs versus Loki at 53 lbs, so I'll be able to take him.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yoga For Your Dog

Yoga "S" position
Loki - Our humans don't understand us. Sometimes when sleeping we just have to do yoga stretches to get all the kinks out. You just never know when we might need to turn in just this position when playing, so we practice.

This is what I call the "S" position and it's one of my favorite yoga sleeping positions. Especially on the floor. Sure I get blankets and furniture to sleep on, but the floor is cooler and as you can see this position works on stretching my whole spine.
Yoga "C" position
Thor - I personally like what I call the "C" position which is especially useful in the hot weather to keep my belly cool. In this yoga sleeping position I can better take advantage of sleeping on softer furniture with out getting over heated.

Our humans just shake their heads at us and get out the camera, but I bet they never really tried it. We'll try to get them to document more of our yoga positions for you to try too.

We'll keep you posted,
Loki & Thor

Thursday, April 3, 2014

When I Was a Puppy

Thor here. I'm going to start today, cuz I like to be first. Last week a friend of our humans got a new puppy, and boy do I remember being a puppy, (shut up Loki, I'm not still a puppy!).

Mady, the new girl, was having trouble sleeping in her new home. And I know just how she feels. Before she went home with the new humans, she was surrounded by other pups her size and when we all slept, it was one big pile where we could keep warm, hear each others heart beats and smell the familiar. Now don't get me wrong, my new humans were great from the moment they put in their truck and we went to our new home, but it was new and different.

Luckily, I had Loki, (don't let it go to your head brother, I still think I should have all the toys) and he smelled like a dog, slept near me like my other siblings and I was really plenty comfy. My advice to Mady's new humans is to just get over it and let her sleep in the bed with them. My humans are yelling NOOOO right now, but just ignore them. I know there's all sorts of reasons not to let us sleep with you humans like the possibility of fleas and ticks, that we'll respect you less, or that'll you squish us. But, were cute and cuddly.

What do you think Loki?

Loki here and what do I think? I think that you will NOT have all the toys, that's what I think. As for Mady, well I had a different experience when I came home with our humans. I slept in my comfy pen which was actually just the same as the one I had as a tiny pup. Mostly I think my humans move around too much to get a good night sleep, so using my pen was just fine.

Sometimes though, I had trouble sleeping, and I whined (not as much as you did Thor!) My humans would get me out, take me potty and if I still had trouble sleeping they would hold me and rock for a bit in the rocking chair. Even though I woke right back up when they put me back in my pen, I was able to get right back to sleep easier. I guess I just needed a little comfort.

Probably sleeping in bed with our humans isn't a good idea though, because we have given them ticks, we do sometimes not come when called and well, squishing isn't much of a problem any more, but they move around too much so I'll take under the bed or in my kennel for most of the night. It's hard work being a dog, and I want to be rested for all the fun the next day.

We'll keep you posted,
Loki & Thor

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sibling Rivalry

Loki - Today we'd like to talk about "Sibling Rivalry". Now don't get me wrong, it's fun having another doggy to play with, but now that we're both all grown up it's getting a little trickier. Thor seems to think that all the food, water and toys are his. Our humans are helping him figure out that I can have some of those things too.

Good news, though, the weather is getting much better. Our humans have been taking us to the dog park, for long walks in the woods and the latest fun thing is to visit Tractor Supply. We've been getting exercise outside and mud between our toes.

Last week when we were especially muddy though we got a shower. Me, I just stood there and waited til it was over and sprayed water on our humans before they could get me dried off. Thor was less happy about the situation, but I'll let him tell you about that.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Walks and Play Time

Hello everyone, Loki here! The weather has finally broken here and we even saw the first robins of the year the other day. Now our humans have been taking us outside more for long walks, to the dog park, to the stores we can go in, and everywhere. We're happy, but spoiled :)

During this winter there were days I didn't want to even go out and even though I LOVE the snow, it gets kinda hard on the foot pads when it melts a bit, freezes, and repeat. And sometimes the ice on the driveway and in the yard was so bad I almost had to get back to the house on my belly. Luckily my human crawled instead and helped me out.

Hey, Thor here! Loki has done a good job telling about this winter outside, and this really was my first winter so I don't remember anything different. Our humans, though, try really hard to find other fun stuff for us to do inside. Like "find it". I wait in the bathroom and while I'm waiting treats are some how scattered around the room. Then when I come out, my human says "find it" and I go on treat hunt.

At first I was like "find what?", "what are you talking about?", but I caught on pretty quick. Me, I think it would be even more fun to have Loki and I look for the same treats at the same time. I'd win! Probably. Well, maybe. He's got lots more practice than me and finds those really hard ones under pillows and stuff. I still think it would be fun.

Well gotta go now, we're very tired from our walk this afternoon and we need a nap.

Well keep you posted,
Loki & Thor

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pig's Ears, Yummm!

Loki here, as you can see, little brother caught up to me in size. Actually he weighs more than me by a few pounds, but who's counting. Mostly it's been fun having a brother and this is us at Christmas - PIGS EARS! I'm still eating mine, but Thor has finished already. That's usually how it is, I'm still eating and he sits and stares at mine like he can make it levitate to him.
Hi, it's Thor! I'm sooooo cute aren't I? Like my big brother said, it's fun having another dog to play with most of the time, but Loki hardly likes to get in to trouble. Oh, he'll go with me into the other part of the house, but only after I open the door! It was much easier to do that before the humans started locking the door. Bummer. I did turn the tables on them this fall though and locked my humans out of the house. Now I just have to figure out how to unlock it. Hmmmmm.

We'll keep you posted.

Bye for now,
Loki & Thor

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Pack Mate!

Hi, Loki here. I've been away from my blog for quite awhile, sorry. I have a new brother, Thor! He's been with us now since April and IT'S GREAT! Except when he's really tired, cuz he's still young, he's great to play with. My humans are fun to play with too, but they do human stuff and can't always play when I want to. Thor is always ready and since I'm bigger than him, I win alot. Okay, I let him win alot, cuz he's young, but we doggy wrestle like crazy!

Hi, Thor here. Loki is an awesome brother. I know he lets me win when we play, and he lets me push him around, but he plays when ever I want. Sometimes when I don't want to, but we're getting better. He keeps me company when our humans have to be away from us. I don't know how he did it without me.

Loki, here again. I love having Thor around, but he's having trouble understanding that he supposed to potty outside. I don't know how to help him, but I wish he'd stop having accidents in the house, cuz it smells yucky. Mostly, he remembers, but our humans still have to put him in his kennel sometimes to make sure he doesn't have an accident. Ah, I remember when I was a pup...

We'll keep you posted.

Bye for now,
Loki & Thor