Sunday, September 30, 2012

Allergies Are A Pain

A while ago I told you about my ear infection and how the vet said it's probably allergies. Well it came back and now my ears, nose and eyelids are itchy and swollen and loosing their fur. I hate it! So I have to take these allergy medicines and I get an ointment for my itchy spots that clear it up pretty good but I don't like it. Well maybe it's okay because if I swallow the pill good and quick I get treats and it doesn't give me a belly ache.

From what my humans tell me, I could be allergic to almost anything. In fact they heard of a dog who was allergic to the sun and the grass. The sun I could deal with because frankly I don't like to be in it either. I run from shade to shade in the yard all the time. But allergic to the grass, that would be terrible! What would I roll in and run through at the dog park?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Puppy Class Graduation

Aren't I a complete angel? This was me on the way home after our trip to the farm. And of course I am a complete angel at puppy class, except for the heel. I just don't see the point. I am supposed to be good at pulling a sled, so why shouldn't I just lead my humans around? Go figure.

Fortunately, I am a quick learner and I caught on really quick that everyone wanted me to walk next to them. So I was able to do it well enough to graduate. I got my picture taken and a diploma. Thank goodness my humans didn't try to dress me up in one those cap and gowns though.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Humans are Painting

So, after being home for a few days, apparently my humans decided to paint the house. Little did I know how much of a inconvenience it would be. It smells, there's stuff all over the place and not enough room for me to run around. What were they thinking?

On the first day, since this paint thing was new to me, I got too close to a wet wall and boom, I was painted. My ear, my shoulder, you get the picture. It was so embarrassing at the dog park when the people looked at me funny and laughed. Even my puppy class teacher was amused.

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Trip to the Farm

Remember that I told you my humans were acting weird? They were up to something! That evening they put a whole bunch of stuff in the car, (I watched my stuff real close) and we went to puppy class like normal. After puppy class we just kept driving and driving and driving. I wasn't worried or anything because I knew my stuff was with us, but geez, I'd be nice if the communicated with me!

We went to visit my human, Lance's grandma and dad. I already met the second day with my new humans and was happy to see them again. This time we were at a farm where there was stuff as far as the eye could see to investigate. I was in doggy heaven, except for the HEAT! No magic vents at the farm I found out.

I had as much fun as I could though and on the last day of our visit, it rained and the heat went away. Go figure. You can read more about the trip at my human, Lance's blog. I'll keep you posted.

Bye for now,

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where Have I Been?

I've had a busy summer. Some great and some not so fun. Last time I wrote I had just got over an ear infection. It turns out it was the beginning of allergies for me. My humans and I can't figure out what I'm allergic to, but as they say it could be anything from sun and grass to anything I eat. I really hope it isn't my treats!

Me and my humans have settled into a routine for now - during the day I rest and most evenings we either go for a ride in the car to some exotic new place (a store parking lot for me to people watch) or we go for a walk by the dog park. Now I know I was a bit negative about the whole puppy class at first, but I think I miss going to class each week. I hope my humans will start classes again, because it's fun for all of us.

Since so much time has passed, I'm going to fill in the blanks as I go. For right now, I'm so thankful that those hot days seem to be over and as far as my training goes, I'm smarter than I look :D Oh I learned all that stuff in class just fine, but I don't always see the point in doing it when asked ;) I'll keep you posted!

Bye for now,

P.S. I'm now a whopping 52 lbs. and 7½ months old.