Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sibling Rivalry

Loki - Today we'd like to talk about "Sibling Rivalry". Now don't get me wrong, it's fun having another doggy to play with, but now that we're both all grown up it's getting a little trickier. Thor seems to think that all the food, water and toys are his. Our humans are helping him figure out that I can have some of those things too.

Good news, though, the weather is getting much better. Our humans have been taking us to the dog park, for long walks in the woods and the latest fun thing is to visit Tractor Supply. We've been getting exercise outside and mud between our toes.

Last week when we were especially muddy though we got a shower. Me, I just stood there and waited til it was over and sprayed water on our humans before they could get me dried off. Thor was less happy about the situation, but I'll let him tell you about that.

Thor - From my point of view, every thing really should be mine. Because. Fine, I'll try to learn how to share, but it goes against everything I am. Our humans actually make worth my while to share sometimes, but I'm very food motivated and a few stingy treats now and then isn't enough.

So, as Loki said, we had a shower. Now, I don't want to say that I was scared or anything of that water dropping on me, but I was scarred. I tried to escape, but my humans are fast and the floor in the shower is slippery when wet. I survived and I too was able to spray them before I was dried off. Ha, ha!

I remember going to the dog park some, but now that I'm older it's actually more fun, because I can almost catch Loki when he's running. Almost. That boy has some speed and endurance. I'll get faster to, eventually, and then we'll see who's who. Mostly at the dog park this time of year, we get all the mud to ourselves. It's Great! Except for the occasional shower.

Well, it's time for my nap and to make sure Loki doesn't have any of my favorite toys. Uh, sorry humans. Actually, if I gotta share stuff with Loki all the time, may be you humans should have to share with us too. We like steak and chicken and other stuff too. I'm not sure it's enough that you let us use half the bed for sleeping either, probably we should get more room because we're cute.

We'll keep you posted,
Loki & Thor

NOOOO! It should be "Thor & Loki"!