Thursday, March 20, 2014

Walks and Play Time

Hello everyone, Loki here! The weather has finally broken here and we even saw the first robins of the year the other day. Now our humans have been taking us outside more for long walks, to the dog park, to the stores we can go in, and everywhere. We're happy, but spoiled :)

During this winter there were days I didn't want to even go out and even though I LOVE the snow, it gets kinda hard on the foot pads when it melts a bit, freezes, and repeat. And sometimes the ice on the driveway and in the yard was so bad I almost had to get back to the house on my belly. Luckily my human crawled instead and helped me out.

Hey, Thor here! Loki has done a good job telling about this winter outside, and this really was my first winter so I don't remember anything different. Our humans, though, try really hard to find other fun stuff for us to do inside. Like "find it". I wait in the bathroom and while I'm waiting treats are some how scattered around the room. Then when I come out, my human says "find it" and I go on treat hunt.

At first I was like "find what?", "what are you talking about?", but I caught on pretty quick. Me, I think it would be even more fun to have Loki and I look for the same treats at the same time. I'd win! Probably. Well, maybe. He's got lots more practice than me and finds those really hard ones under pillows and stuff. I still think it would be fun.

Well gotta go now, we're very tired from our walk this afternoon and we need a nap.

Well keep you posted,
Loki & Thor