Saturday, June 2, 2012

Meeting My Humans

I came to meet my humans for the first time two monrhs ago. The car was not favorite thing and I let them know that the entire drive home.

So the first thing I did was to drink a whole bunch of water as you can see. It was embarassing how much I drank, but investigating is hard work and I needed refreshments before I took a good look around.

See my digs? New bed, check. Toys, check (and no sharing:). Fence to keep my humans out of my stuff, check.

I had lots to look at first and I noticed that my humans had another dog. He wasn't here anymore, but he left me notes like where the best place was to take a nap (under the human Lance's computer desk). Where to go potty outside and more.

Just to update you all, I still have to pull on my leash to move these humans along, but I noticed they get really annoyed at it AND when I don't grab the leash I some times get treats. I'm going to rethink their training, maybe there is a better way. I'll keep you posted.

Bye for now!