Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Been A Busy Week

Oh the heat! Frankly I don't understand how those humans can stand it. I barely want to go out and do my business in this heat. The driveway is HOT, the grass is HOT, looking out the window is HOT. But there is the magic vent. So far I have found 5 magic vents at my house and my favorite one is in the kitchen where occasionally food falls out of the sky. Two for the price of one!

Finally it seams like I can go out with out melting. This past week that meant I got to do more stuff that I never did before. I went to the dog park a couple of times. Those other dogs, I'm not so sure about, but their humans, very nice. I'll tell you more about that later though.

One really fun thing we did was go fishing. My human, Lance caught this fish that thrashed around on the ground and smelled different than anything I've ever smelled before. I was in doggy heaven. Of course they didn't let me keep it to play with, but man was that fun! And then they threw it back. I almost cried. But we walked down the road and I was fine.

Now that it seems like it won't be so hot out, I hope we get to do some more new fun and exciting things. I'll keep you posted.

Bye for now,