Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My New Dog Friends

My humans have been taking to the dog park almost everyday. At first, I was not so happy to be there. One time I put on the breaks but human Jeanne was still able to get me into the park.

Sometimes there are so many dogs there, my head feels like it's going to spin off. Other times there's only a couple, those are the days I like best. I have been meeting all sorts of dog friends. It even seems like there are new one every day. For me, the small dogs are easier to play with. I can actually catch up to them when they're running.

Really, the big dogs aren't so bad either. Once I get used to them, they're actually kind of fun, because I don't have to worry about stepping on them when I'm goofing around.

While were at the park, my human Lance goes fishing by the river. Although I can't actually get to him because of the fence, when ever I need to get reassurance I just go over by him and he tells me what a good boy I am. My other human Jeanne stays with me in the park so I can be by her when things get too crazy. Sometimes though, when there are so many dogs and humans, I forget where my humans are and well any human will do :D

After some exercise at the park, I'm a pooped puppy and the arm rest in the back seat works great for a nap. It's too hard yet to keep all of my new friends straight, but I'll keep you posted.

Bye for now,