Monday, July 2, 2012

Overnight Somewhere Else

I got a bit of a surprise over the weekend. It all started with my humans going in and out of the house with stuff, including my food and water! I was not pleased and I let them know it. It did no good, but maybe it wouldn't be so bad, because we went for a drive. And in the mini-van too, which means I get to ride in complete comfort.

This time we took a ride in the car that was longer than usual. That's okay, because I had a big comfy seat to lay on, and that magic cool air. I did get into trouble a couple of times for trying to eat stuff off the floor, but hey I'm a dog, that's what I do.

When we finally stopped, we were at a house I had never seen, or smelled before. Oh the smells. I think I may have sprained my nose from trying to smell so many new things. I smelled different grass, different human smells and I think some other four legged smells that were very faint or completely different than what I'm used to.

Now, the humans started bring in all the stuff they took from our other house. That was actually a good thing, because hey I like to eat and drink. There was a bit of a problem with this new house though, stairs. I've used stairs before, but I'm not very good at them and in this place you have to use them all the time. Sometimes I had to just stop in the middle to take a rest.

That night, I was not comfortable trying to sleep. It wasn't my house and it just felt weird. Finally at 3:00 AM I was able to catch some rest. I don't think my human was very happy with me, but hey I'm a dog and this was new to me.

The next day I took a nap while my humans were away and went with them for a ride later. We went for a walk when it was dark out and there were these loud bang noises. My humans called them fireworks, and they may have been very pretty, but I DO NOT LIKE THEM.

The next day my humans packed up the stuff and we went back home. I am very happy to be home and I needed a long nap. Most of the new stuff was okay - new smells, a fun place to take a walk and of course going for a ride in the mini-van. I do not ever want to hear those noises again, and it would be nice if my humans would just let me know that packing up can lead to fun stuff.

While I was napping after my tiring weekend I heard my humans say "puppy school". I'm going to have to keep an eye on my humans, but they can be tricky. I'll keep you posted.

Bye for now,

P.S. Happy birthday human Lance, XOXO