Sunday, July 22, 2012

Puppy Training Video

My first training video :D I am a good and smart dog and this video proves it!

We've been to 2 puppy training classes and this is some of what my humans have learned... Sit, down, relax, leave it, wait, and stay. No, they don't do it, I do that stuff. They have learned the proper way to give treats.

My humans were very impressed with my "leave it" because I was watching the other dog at class and new that I should be turning my head away from the "it" and to make eye contact with my human. In fact the next day after learning leave it, my human Lance dropped a pill on the floor and they told me to leave it and I did. Apparently that would've made me very sick so it was good all around. Plus I got a treat afterward. So my canine friends, "leave it" might be hard, but DO IT ANYWAY!

At my latest class, the trainer said that my human Jeanne is supposed to spend about 30 minutes a day working with me and eye contact. I like it because during our training sessions, we both know what's expected. Good times.

Bye for now,