Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My New Pool

Okay, so I'm a "Siberian Husky" and that means I like snow, cold weather and so on. This heat has been hard on me, but my humans bought me an AWESOME present... A POOL!

When I step into it my feet cool off, plus I can drink from the biggest water bowl I've ever seen and I'm blessedly cool even outside. Since I'm still learning about how it works, a couple of times I stuck my whole nose in and blew bubbles. It was fun. The hard part is that I can't smell anything in the water, believe me I tried and got water up my nose for the trouble.

Tonight is puppy class and I'm excited to go. Last time, we stopped at this building where there was nothing but fabulous food smells and plenty of people to watch. I don't know how it happened but a time or two even some yummy morsels fell into my mouth ;) I have no idea what we will be learning, but I'll keep you posted.

Bye for now,